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BossLamp MINI Torch Flashlight With Power Bank | Type-C Rechargeable

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BossLamp MINI Torch Flashlight with power bank and flourescent strips. Our new mini torch is rechargeable and features a high-power zoom function that lets you direct the light to where you need it. Designed to be compact for convenience and has a USB power bank. Charge your phone when no other power source is available. This powerful flashlight features fluorescent color tabs that glow in the dark, making it easy to find in the dark, or if the power goes out. Features USB Type-C fast charging.

The BossLamp Mini Torch should be in everyone's vehicle, backpack, or purse.



Product Description:
New for 2023, the BossLamp Mini Torch zoom long-range flashlight features a large convex lens lens, has better light transmission performance and a wider lighting range than other flashlights. We have incorporated the latest 800W LED wick, which can easily illuminate 3000M, and the large-area lighting can easily illuminate a large area of 400㎡. When the light is on, the lens slowly turns red to highlight the high-end feel. The fluorescent strips on the barrel will glow when they absorb light, making it easy to find even in the dark. Multi-stage heat dissipation ring, for continuous heat dissipation allows long-term holding without your hands getting too hot. Waterproof body, can provide light outdoors in severe cold, wind, rain, sand or bad weather.

Product specifications:

Lamp bead model: 800W LED
Lens material: optical convex lens
Charging method: TYPE-C charging (supports output 5V1A)
Lighting mode: 5 levels (strong light-medium light-weak light-stroboscopic-SOS)
Battery type: 1*18650/1*26650 lithium battery
Long-range light: 1500m~3000m
Near flood light: 400M²
Usage time: 8~12 hours
Waterproof level: IPX6
Product size: 17.7*5.2*3.4CM
Zoom mode: Telescopic zoom
Usage environment: outdoor rescue, daily use, hiking, camping, emergency charging, fishing, hunting, maintenance, etc.


Five lighting modes: Strong light-medium light-weak light-strobe-SOS to meet different environmental needs

Telescopic zoom: The light can be adjusted to long range (3000m) or near flood (400㎡)

TYPE-C fast charge

The output port can charge products with USB interface