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BossLamp UV Blacklight Torch | Type-C Rechargeable UV Flashlight

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 BossLamp UV Blacklight Torch Flashlight type-C charging. Our UV blacklight torch is rechargeable and features a digital display, that lets you know how much battery life is left. Designed for those situations where you need ultraviolet light. Inspect paper currency, check for stains, or hunt scorpions. We're sure you'll find ways to us the BossLamp UV Blacklight Torch. Features USB Type-C fast charging and a battery life indicateor. 

The BossLamp Safety UV Blacklight Torch is an essential tool for those who need UV light.


Product Details

Model: BossLamp UV Blacklight Torch

Light Cup: Orange Peel Light Cup

Lamp Beads: 365 Purple Light

Lens: UV black mirror

Battery: 26650 battery

Material: Aluminum alloy

Charging: TYPE-C charging

Weight: Approximately 171 grams (without battery)

Light Cup: Orange Face Light Cup

Feature: Power display

Lanyard: Self-contained hand rope

Modes: single gear dimming